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Toro – ProCore 1298

Toro has increased the aeration widths of these ProCore models to deliver maximum productivity…


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Toro has increased the aeration widths of these ProCore models to deliver maximum productivity across a broad range of hole spacings. Working widths are an impressive 98in/249cm.

Productivity is further enhanced on the ProCore 1298 via articulating coring heads that ‘flex’ three degrees in each direction to maximise ground-following capability on undulations and ensure a consistent coring depth.

Fitted with a head drive system that uses precision balancing weights, similar to those found on a six-cylinder engine, on each coring head. This configuration eliminates hopping, rocking and uncomfortable vibration, thereby reducing operator fatigue and aiding the quiet and smooth action.

Changing hole depths has been made easier and more reliable thanks to a high ratio gear-drive control mechanism. Featuring a RotaLink system that ensures the tines remain vertical as they enter and leave the ground, producing a consistently circular hole as the tractor moves forward.

The units come with a choice of solid, coring and slicing tines, with four spacing options to provide the optimum aeration pattern on all surfaces to a maximum depth of 5in/12.5cm. The 864 can aerate at up to 2.3 acres.


Features include:

– Aeration width of 98 inches

– Heavy-duty gearbox and driveline for improved durability

– Easier access to components for simplified maintenance

– Many of the tines and accessories also fit the ProCore 648 pedestrian version, providing cost-savings for turf professionals who use both types of machine


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