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Toro – Multi Pro 1750

Consistency and accuracy are key to ensuring the chemicals you apply work…


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Consistency and accuracy are key to ensuring the chemicals you apply work effectively.

The Toro Multi Pro 1750 is one of the most advanced 175-gallon dedicated vehicle sprayers on the market. Every element from the intuitive control, industry-leading mixing, and hill-assist traction, is engineered to enhance the vehicle performance and the precision and control of the spray system.

And then there’s the oversized, six-diaphragm pump — an industry exclusive! This pump produces ample pressure and up to twice the flow of two diaphragm pumps for aggressive mixing and thorough agitation. In addition, when the pump is engaged it’s always on, so start up spray lag is virtually eliminated and you can count on accurate application rates from start to finish.

GeoLink Precision

The industry’s first turf-based spray system is now available for our customers. Toro’s GeoLink Precision Spray System is a GPS equipped sprayer available for use with the Toro Multi Pro 1750. GPS technology and a single nozzle level control means application is accurate to within 10mm. The system automatically turns individual sprinklers on and off based on the machine’s exact location and the boundaries set, and thus virtually eliminates waste.


Features include:

– 27hp Kohler petrol engine

– 175 Gallon (662 L) Tank with 6 Diaphragm Pump

– Ground Drive Proportional Pumping System

– Compact and Maneuverable With Low Turf PSI

– QuickFind Sprayer Operator Console


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