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Honda – UMK 425 UE

A 25cc brushcutter with bike handles, comfort harness and two attachment options.


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You can boldly go where no other brushcutter can, with Honda’s extremely tough and reliable 4-stroke garden tools. They are driven by a unique six-splined drive shaft (as opposed to a traditional groove key design) for added strength, with better torque and power delivery down to the work zone.

Easy to start with a super-light flywheel, the quiet and smooth-running 4-stroke engines are the lightest and most compact of their type – with the lowest emissions in the industry. They have a silky smooth smooth drive with an anti-vibration clutch that insulates you from any arm-tiring vibrations. So when you’ve finished the job, you’re arms wont be too tired to lift that much needed cup of tea or coffee.

Honda Brushcutters have a semi-automatic system that supplies the cutting line feed. When the line starts to wear out, it reduces the cutting performance. So now when this happens, simply tap the head on the floor and more line is released automatically. No need to stop the engine to make the adjustment, as with other machines.


Dimensions (L x W x H) mm – 1,859 x 671 x 517

Power Source

Weight (Kg)


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