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Honda – F 720

A larger, two-wheeled tractor with multiple gears, reversible handles and seven attachment options.


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With an extensive variety of attachments, the robust and powerful Versatile tiller is ideal for the most demanding agricultural tasks – it’ll be the only tool you need.

For use in large gardens or plots of land, Honda’s Versatile tillers are strong tools that have plenty of go in them – ideal for heavy-duty tasks. They’re solid, just like a tractor, and have smart features that make them so convenient to use.


Features include:

900 mm Max. Tilling width

360 mm Max. Tilling depth

Rotation speed forward/backward (rpm) – 11-116/14-23

PTO rotation speed low/high (rpm) – 896/1,461

Reversible handle

When using the tiller with an attachment, simply turn the convenient reversible handle 180o to effortlessly break up compacted soil, instead of turning the whole machine around. This function allows a greater variety of attachments.

Side clutch

The user-friendly side clutch stops the drive to either the right or the left tine, making changing direction easy.

Power Take Off (PTO)

PTO draws power from the engine and makes it easy to connect and disconnect powered attachments to your tiller to make heavy jobs like hulling, spraying and mowing quicker.


More gears means greater flexibility and power. The gearbox transfers the ideal power and torque to work the machine, letting you pick the perfect speed to match your pace.


Power Source

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