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ASPEN 4 Petrol – 5 Litre

Better for man, machine and the environment.


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Aspen 4 is alkylate petrol without oil – suitable for lawnmowers, rotary cultivators, snow blowers, boats and other 4-stroke engines. Ordinary petrol contains ethanol which attracts moisture and can cause engine failures. Aspen Alkylate Petrol contains no ethanol, making it ideal for use in marine environments. To use Aspen Alkylate Petrol in your 2-stroke outboard motor, simply mix Aspen 4 with outboard oil. To minimise the environmental impact, choose a biodegradable oil.

Aspen 4 is virtually free from harmful substances such as benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons or olefins; substances that can cause serious health problems. Aspen Alkylate Petrol also keeps the spark plugs and combustion chamber of your machine cleaner. Aspen can be stored for a long time without any deterioration in quality, which makes your engine easy to start – even after long standstill periods. There are numerous environmental benefits, such as reducing the formation of ground-level ozone (smog) by about 40%.


The advantages of Alkylate Petrol:

–  No expensive repair bills caused by stale fuel

– Your machine always starts and is ready to go, even after long standstill periods

– Lasts for years without deterioration

– Aspen does not contain ethanol

– Virtually odourless

– Less maintenance and a longer machine life

– Available in a conveniently sized container

– Premixed 2-stroke eliminates the need to mix yourself

– Easy to select the correct fuel using the coloured cans and coloured reminder stickers on your machine

– Protects your health and the environment


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