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Toro – Greensmaster 1600

Toro’s Greensmaster 1600 has all the best features of the well-proven Greensmaster 1000,…


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Toro’s Greensmaster 1600 has all the best features of the well-proven Greensmaster 1000, with a 66cm cutting width and an expanded height-of-cut range from 3mm to 32mm. Its versatility means it can also be used on tees and areas surrounding the greens.

Other technical features include a dual screw adjustment to the cylinder and a standard 3.1mm bedknife in high carbon through-hardened steel on the cutting edge. The mower has a standard eight-blade, 12.7cm-diameter cylinder and comes as standard with a 6.3cm-diameter aluminium Wiehle roller.

Powered by quiet 4.3hp Subaru petrol engines, the Greensmaster 1600 grass box fills efficiently for good collection without spillage plus are easy to empty.

The machine’s are uniquely weighted, front to rear, providing greater turf penetration. The front weight bias offsets the operator’s natural tendency to place weight on the handle, allowing the cylinder to better follow ground contours for a consistent cutting height.

The machine’s well-balanced weight distribution also ensures straight-line tracking with minimal operator guidance which, taken together with all its other features, produces the smoothest, most uniform cut possible in a greensmower.


Features include:

– 4.3hp (3.2kW) Subaru engine

– Fuel capacity – 2.7 litres (3.17 quarts)

– Toro EdgeSeries Reels – Represent the next generation of cutting quality and durability with enhanced cutting edge retention.

– Transport speed – 5.0 mph (8 km/h) maximum

– Mowing speed – 1.5 to 3.3 mph (2.2 to 5.3 km/h)

– Weight – approx. 230 lbs (104 kg)

– 2 year limited warranty

– Cutting width of 66cm

– Minimum height of cut (cm) – 0.32

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