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Stiga – Twinclip 55 SVEQ H

The Best Solution for Perfect Mowing.


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The STIGA Twinclip 55 SVEQ H is a self-propelled lawnmower, with a cutting width of 53 cm, the perfect partner for demanding cutting sessions in big and complex gardens up to 2500 m2. The 4-in-1 system means it can be used in 4 different cutting modes, depending on your lawn’s needs: collection with the 70 litre grass collector, rear discharge, side discharge with the deflector and mulching using the included mulching plug. The centralised cutting height lever can be set to 7 positions ranging from 25 to 77 mm. The Twinclip 55 SVEQ H is powered by a 167 cc Honda GCVxe 170 engine, featuring Electric Start function, to easily start the engine in any temperature condition. The aluminium hybrid chassis ensures robustness and reliability of the machine. This lawnmower features a speed regulator, to make it extremely easy to adjust the mower’s speed to your walking one. Twinclip’s special blade, with its double-cutting edge, maximises efficiency and delivers a perfect cut. The exclusive and ergonomic One Motion adjustment system provide ultimate user comfort: with just one hand, you will be able to adjust all functions of the mower, including cutting height and handle. The convenient triggers on the handle also allow to easily fold it.

Features include:

– Cutting width – 53cm/21″

– Cutting height – 25-77mm

– Double edged blade

– 70 Litre capacity collector

– 167cc engine

– Self-propelled mower and Electric start

– 4 cutting modes – collecting, mulching, rear or side discharge

– Suitable for gardens up to 2500m2

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