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Stiga – Park 120 2WD

Easy to manoeuvre around the garden without damaging flowers, bushes and trees.


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The Park 120 2WD is fitted with a Stiga 7250 single cylinder engine with a displacement of 414cc producing a power output of 7.1kW @ 3200rpm.

Thanks to the compact and swift design of the Park 120 you can get around the trickiest of corners, reach the narrowest of spaces and manoeuvre around the tightest of spots in the garden, and the super flat cutting deck gives full view and good access under bushes and hedges. The hydrostatic transmission makes it easy to control speed effectively by adjusting pedal pressure to the desired level without operating levers or changing gear.

This machine is sold with the revolutionary 85cm Quick Flip (QF) cutting deck, that allows you to access the cutting deck in just one movement for easier cleaning and maintenance with minimal effort – pull the knob, flip the deck and your done. No need to disassemble any parts.

Enjoy your Park all year long with the Autumn and Winter additional implements that are available to buy.

Built today for tomorrow, all models come with a minimum 3 year warranty on the mower and a 10 year warranty on the chassis.


Features include:

– Cutting width – 85cm

– Cutting height – 25-80mm

– 414cc engine capacity

– 2 Wheel drive

– Quick flip cutting deck

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