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solo by AL-KO 5375 VSC Alu

The petrol lawn mowers in the solo by AL-KO range  offer the highest possible comfort in their class and are characterised by their high quality and long service life.


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The solo by AL-KO product line impresses in every detail. Quality and longevity are guaranteed with this product thanks to the highest precision techniques and the latest technology used in its development. All solo by AL-KO petrol lawnmowers are engineered in Germany and made in Austria.

With a large cutting width of 53cm, the 5375 VS Alu petrol lawn mower is the ideal partner for large gardens up to 1,800 m². The cutting height adjustment can be made centrally with mowing heights available from 30mm to 85mm. The 3.1 kW strong Briggs & Stratton engine provides the power needed to cut large grassy areas also for the variable speed wheel drive. Mowing, collecting, mulching and side discharge are all possible functions with this petrol lawnmower.

The large, steel plated, ball-bearing, XXL low-friction wheels and the ergonomically shaped handle increase comfort when operating the solo by AL-KO 5375 VS Alu. A rubber hand grip, a clear control cockpit and the ability to vary the drive speed to suit the user or mowing conditions all increase operator comfort. For maximum convenience and efficiency, the blade brake clutch system allows the user to empty the grass collector with the engine running, eliminating the need to restart the engine when you are ready to continue mowing. The high, aerodynamic aluminium cast deck allows for superior collection of the cut grass which is collected in the large 75L grass box.


Features include:

– Comfortable, variable speed wheel drive for easy lawn mowing

– Aluminium cast deck for a long service life

– XXL steel plate wheels providing optimum traction

– 52cm wide cutting width for the effective mowing of large lawns

– Blade Brake Clutch enabling the grass box to be emptied with the engine running

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