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Mitox – 5250SRK PRO

Optimal performance with low weight and perfect ergonomics.


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Mitox PROs new long reach hedge trimmer provides a commercial quality solution to trimming and shaping high hedges. With a 1.66 metre reach capability and variable position loop handle, the 5250SRK PRO offers extreme versatility for the most demanding hedge applications.

The 26.3cc engine starts easily and emits minimal noise and vibration, while the 525mm double sided blade articulates through 135 degrees via 12 set positions.


Features include:

– 26.3cc Kawasaki Petrol engine

– 52.5cm Cutting length

– 1.66m Reach capability

– Low Vibration 

The efficient damping system on this MITOX® model effectively reduces vibration from being transmitted to the operator, making it ideal for long periods of work and all-day commercial use.

– Industry Leading Warranty 

The MITOX® PRO range now benefits from an industry leading warranty, making them even more dependable. Contact us for more information.

– Kawasaki Advanced Recoil (KAR)

The KAR starter provides a simple start up and reduced pulling force as a standard feature.

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