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Mitox – 430UX Premium

Powerful premium quality brushcutters for farm / landowners.


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The 430UX is a premium quality brushcutter with bike handles, nylon cutting head and 3-tooth metal blade.

The 430UX is one of the most powerful brushcutters in the Premium range, yet it still retains optimal ergonomics and ease of use, with starting instructions, Auto-Choke system, and premium anti-vibration systems, the 430UX is ideal for more demanding tasks.


Features include:

– Quality Premium Engine.

A powerful 42.7 cc full crank engine fitted with a premium Walbro carburettor for reliability and optimum engine perofrmance.

– Premium Auto Bump Feed Head

The premium auto bump feed trimmer heads smoothy release more trimmer line when required with a simple tap on the ground. Replacing the nylon trimmer line on these grass trimmer heads is a quick and easy job.

– Quick Adjusting Handles

The large thumbscrew allows the operating angle to be adjusted to suit the user and the brushcutting or grass trimming environment. The handles can also be set into a convenient transport and storage position.

– Auto Choke

The choke control feature on the brushcutter engine features set positions for hot and cold starting, then automatically returns to idle once the throttle is pulled.

– Metal Brushcutter Blade

A heavy duty 3-tooth blade brushcutter blade is supplied for cutting thicker grass and brush.

– Twin Strap Premium Harness

A premium extra padded harness with adjustable straps provides added comfort whilst operating the brushcutter.

– Soft Grip Handles

The soft grip handles are designed for optimal comfort especially when the brushcutter is used for extended periods of time. The padded inserts further increase the comfort and reduce vibration.

– Peace Of Mind

Mitox petrol brushcutters in the PREMIUM range feature a comprehensive warranty (T&C’s apply). Contact us for more information.

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