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Kubota – ZD1211

Kubota’s all-new ZD1211 diesel zero-turn mower has been engineered from the ground up to deliver quality, performance, comfort and durability.


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Kubota’s commercial mower deck continues to evolve and improve with each generation! The ZD1211 is a 3-blade, 140 mm deep deck featuring a flat design and Kubota’s unique baffling system that forces grass to be discharged evenly onto the ground, ensuring even cutting and fine mulching.

A more comfortable seat means less operator fatigue and greater productivity. With dual adjustable armrests, higher backrest, and lumbar support, the fully padded and adjustable seat ensures a high level of comfort. The seat can be adjusted upward, forward and backward to let the operator find optimum comfort.

The ZD1211 is designed to keep you on the job longer between maintenance stops. You can be assured of quick and easy maintenance of all the critical parts and functions. The engine bonnet protects the engine, yet is simple to open and offers easy access to the engine for maintenance tasks.


Features include:

Power (hp) – 25

Cutting deck (cm) – 152

Cylinders – 3

Rear and Side discharge decks available


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