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Kubota – MGX-IV Series (104 to143hp)

Versatility and assured productivity.


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The MGX range now features a next-generation tractor: the MGX-IV. With new improvements, these tractors perfectly meet the required versatility for your operation. Your daily tasks will become surprisingly easy thanks to the various features of these tractors.

The Kubota MGX-IV series is the all-rounder among professional tractors. Its versatility ensures continuous productivity. Scroll down for key features of the MGX-IV series…



– Two engines are available for the MGX IV tractors. The V3800 4-cylinder engine powers the M95GX-IV and M105GXIV models. The M115GXIV, M125GX-IV and M135GX-IV models are powered by the V6108 4-cylinder engine.



– The MGX IV tractors have a transmission with 3 ranges and 8 speeds under load which allow you to change gear very simply without the need to activate the clutch pedal.


– The high-performance hydraulic system of the MGX IV tractors makes meeting your demands easier, whether for lifting work with mounted implements or for use with front loaders. Giving you the opportunity to easily perform a variety of tasks.



– The MGX IV tractors have a cab with ample space and excellent visibility. The layout of the controls and the soundproof cab allow you to work productively in a comfortable environment.



– The Kubota MGX IV can be equipped with kits to make your tractor ISOBUS compatible or to enable Precision Farming solutions.



– The design of the new MGX IV tractors has been revised with a new hood. The optional new front linkage is now completely moulded and integrated into the tractor chassis.



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