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Kubota – M5002 Series (95 to 115hp) *NEW*

The smart go-getter.


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The Kubota M5002 is the smart go-getter in its class—an extremely maneuverable professional tractor that proves that true greatness comes from within. With its powerful engine, excellent transmission, high ground clearance and exceptionally simple operating controls, it quickly becomes indispensable for daily work. Put it to work and watch it take care of  tough jobs quickly and effortlessly.

Choose from the 95hp M5-092 or the 115hp M5-112. Scroll down for key features of the M5002 Series…




– The V3800 four-cylinder engines in the two M5002 series models M5-092 and M5-112 impress with their proven, reliable performance and higher efficiency, also benefiting the environment

– The combination of market-leading technology produces excellent performance values with optimised fuel efficiency. It goes without saying that the V3800 engine with 16 valves meets the strict requirements of the latest Euro Stage V emission standards.

– New electronic speed controller governs the speed of the engine.



– With its 36 forward and 36 reverse gears, it’s got all requirements covered – those on arable and grassland farms as well as those of vegetable  growers.

– Thanks to the electro-hydraulic shuttle lever of the M5002, you can change direction quickly and easily without using the clutch.

– The tractor’s transmission cruising gear keeps the engine speed low thanks to the overdrive technology for high speed trips.



– The strong 3-point category II power lift enables the M5002 to raise heavy attachments with ease.

– The hitch control system of the M5002 allows optimal use of rear implements.

– Whether you are cutting grass, baling, or spraying, you can always count on the independent PTO shaft at 540 rpm or 540 Eco rpm, anywhere and anytime.



– The Ultra Grand Cab II of the Kubota M5002 offers more space than anyone would expect for the vast majority of tractors in this performance class.

– With standard equipment such as air conditioning and a skylight window with sunshade, it provides great comfort and high levels of productivity throughout the year.

– There are very few cabs in this class that provide such excellent visibility of the implements and the immediate working environment.

– Need room for your thermos flask, cup, notepad, etc.? Take them along! The M5002 offers plenty of storage space.



– The front axle with bevel gear drive makes the M5002 extremely maneuverable, featuring a terrific 55° steering angle.

– On account of its front axle, the M5002 offers high ground clearance that is hard to find in this class. Sensitive crops are thus treated more gently when the tractor passes over them.

– All M5002s are equipped with dual brake lines to ensure a great performance in difficult circumstance, for example with a heavier trailer.



– The M5002 can be equipped with retrofit kits, which means that your M5002 becomes an ISOBUS tractor with which you can use any ISOBUS device or machine on the market without limitations.

– In addition to the ISOBUS terminals, a steering LED bar can be used to enable the driver to carry out manual guidance and increase the precision of the M5002.



–  M5002 plus LA1854 provides a winning formula for perfect compatibility between the tractor and front loader.

– Whether you need to work with a manure fork, pallet fork, bale fork, or a bucket— each one of them can be quickly attached and removed from the M-series front loader.


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