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Kubota – M4003 Series (66 to 74hp)

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The Kubota M4003 is the perfect all-rounder for farm work requirements. Thanks to reliable and proven technology, you can rely on the M4003 in all conditions. Choose from the 66hp M4-063 or the 74hp M4-073. Scroll down for key features of the M4003 Series…




– Kubota’s 66 hp and 74 hp 4-cylinder engines are powerful, clean and quiet.

– The 3.3-litre V3307 series CR-TE5 engines feature high-pressure injection (CRS), to deliver maximum power and torque.

– 4-valve common rail injection system (E-CDIS) delivers maximum power and torque.

– With the constant speed controller, you can control the engine speed very precisely.

– The combination of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) reduces emissions and meets the latest Stage V emission regulations.



– The M4003 gives you the choice between two optimally matched transmissions: 18F/18R or 36F/36R.

– Six perfectly matched gears and three groups (transport, field, creep speed) ensure smooth, comfortable shifting.

– With the new electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle, you can easily complete all turning manoeuvres. Conveniently located on the left of the steering wheel, you can simply operate the reversing lever with your fingertip.

– The 40 km/h transmission with Eco-Drive enables faster and quieter driving with lower fuel consumption.



– The rear hydraulic lift on the M4003 allows even the heaviest implements to be lifted very easily thanks to its 2,500 kg lifting force.

– Two hydraulic SCD auxiliary hydraulic outlets (a third is optional) enable easier operation of the implements.

– The power take-off of the M4003 can also be turned on and off easily from a switch at the rear.



– Enjoy the size and comfort of the extra wide and extremely spacious Ultra Grand Cab II.

– The controls are ergonomically arranged so that you can concentrate fully on the work at hand.

– You can see the fully raised front loader directly through the glass roof hatch.

– Full sized passenger seat is available as an option. When not in use, the passenger seat can be folded down to make room.

– As an added option, the M4-063 is also available with ROPS.


Precision Farming

– Upgrade your M4003 to an ISOBUS tractor with the IsoMatch Tellus Pro 12” or GO 7” monitors. With the monitors, you can track everything that you have done on the field, completely and precisely.

– Kubota’s new optional electric steering wheel now also enables the automatic steering of M4003 Series tractors. Let the tractor do the driving while you fully concentrate on operating the implements.


Front Loader

– The M4003 series and Kubota’s LA1365 series front loaders together provide maximum versatility and efficiency.

– The front loader can quickly be mounted and dismounted without any tools.

– A four-joint coupling improves the rolling back and tilting angle. It improves not only the range of motion of the shovel, but also that of other tools. The result is faster pick-up and tipping.



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