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Kubota – KC110SL-4

The KUBOTA KC110HR-4 is the ideal workmate for a mini-excavator on a worksite.


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Compact, tough, powerful and designed to efficiently take on up to 1000 kgs on the KC110HR-4and 1200 kgs on the KC110SL-4 . The Kubota KC110HR-4track dumper offers 180 swivel dumping. The KC110SL-4 offers forward dumping and features a self-loading device for more autonomy on-site.

The KC110HR-4 and KC110SL-4 give you the best performance throughout the entire life of the machine. The KC110SL-4 has a front tip and a self loading device for more autonomy on the jobsite.


Features include:

Power (kw) – 11.8

Max. loading capacity (kg) – 1200

Skip capacity, heaped volume (M3) – 0.59

Overall width (mm) – 990

Weight (kg) – 940


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