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Honda – HRD 536 QX

A 53cm wide, specialist pro engine petrol mower with rear roller.


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The HRD 536 QX is ideal for those looking to get that classic striped finish on larger lawns. The powerful and durable 163cc OHV engine also drives the mower along at a consistent speed, taking the effort out of keeping a large lawn looking great. The engine can also safely be left running while emptying the grass bag or crossing gravel, thanks to its innovative Roto-stop® safety feature.

53 cm cutter deck size with a grass bag capacity of 83 litres. Drive speed of 1.2 meters per second, ideal for large gardens.


Features include:

Durable cutter decks

Cast aluminium decks offer exceptionally high strength to weight ration and resistance to corrosion.

Roto-stop® blade stop system

The Roto-stop® system allows you to stop the blades quickly and safely, without having to turn the engine off. Ideal when you need to empty the grass bag, clear debris, or traverse paths and driveways.

Cutting height adjustment

HRD lawnmowers are available with Honda Pro Spec GXV 160 engines.

Cast iron drive shaft

The long HRD working life is guaranteed with a durable cast iron cylinder sleeve and crankshaft.

Reinforced cutter deck

Protected by a tough cast aluminium deck and a reinforced cutter deck handle, the HRD is built to take on the most demanding jobs.

Rear roller

Models with a rear roller give your lawn that classic striped effect. A rear roller offers greater machine balance and control when cutting around the edge of your lawn.

Engine Pro spec

All Honda’s professional engines are Over-Head Valve (OHV) and feature: cast iron cylinder sleeve, bearing set on the crankshaft, high capacity air filter and steel fan cover.


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