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Honda – HF 2317 HME

A professional lawn tractor with 92cm cutting deck


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The Honda Premium lawn tractor is the best garden machinery you can own. Cutting, mulching and collecting leaves on a large lawn, parkland or sports ground couldn’t be easier. In fact, they’re so comfortable, you won’t want to get off!

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you see the shiny red body finish. The way the panels fit, the seat material, the firm steering wheel and the way the hand controls feel in your hands. Built around a strong chassis, with a sturdy cast iron front axle and a strong low-maintenance V-twin engine, these machines have many other features that prove why a Honda is an excellent choice.


Features include:

Cutting deck (cm) – 92

Collector capacity (Litre) – 280

Smooth control

Optiflow grass collection system

Honda R&D team has developed Optiflow, an advanced grass collection system which reduces power loss and the acumilation of dust by combining powerful suction and a constant flow of air, to completely fill the grass bag.

Clear control panel

All Honda’s Premium lawn tractors are fitted with a clear and user-friendly control panel, displaying the information you need to keep mowing.

Built to last

All of Honda’s Premium range come with with a cast iron front axle and bumper, ensuring solid performance in the most toughest conditions.

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