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Honda – FF 300

A robust tiller with counter-rotating tines, gearbox, and one optional attachment.


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Honda’s Rotary tillers are strong and dependable, and they come in a range of engine sizes to ensure there’s one right for the job. They’re so easy to handle and their special counter-rotating tines enable you to breeze through the soil.

Guiding the Rotary tiller over your land feels more like a stroll in the park. That’s because the powerful 4-stroke engine has multiple gears and pushes out just the right amount of performance you need – whatever the conditions.


Features include:

410 mm Max. Tilling width

160 mm Max. Tilling depth

Rotation speed forward/backward (rpm) – 0.15-1 m/s /0.3 m/s

PTO rotation speed low/high (rpm) – 131

Security loop handle

This multiple-grip loop handle allows for a safe operation of your tiller from the centre, left or right positions for easy turning at the end of a row.


More gears means greater flexibility and power. The gearbox transfers the ideal power and torque to work the machine, letting you pick the perfect speed to match your pace.

Counter-rotating tines

By rotating the tines in the opposite direction to each other the tiller becomes very balanced and easy to control, effortlessly breaking up the hardest soil quicker and more efficiently.


Power Source

Weight (Kg)


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