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Honda – HHB 36 AXB

The leaf blower operates at variable speeds with interchangeable nozzles and a unique weight-saving belt.


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With variable speed, the choice of two nozzles and perfect balance for comfortable operation, Honda’s cordless leaf blower lets you get the job done without spoiling the peace and quiet of the garden.


Features include:

Quiet and Clean – The battery powered motor is an aluminium fanless design, which sets new standards for quiet running.

Thermo-smart technology – The lithium ion batteries that power the cordless garden products come in three sizes (4Ah, 6Ah and 9Ah). They use thermo-smart technology to continuously monitor the voltage and thermal performance of every cell to ensure the longest-possible running time and lifetime – how clever!

Cordless – Efficient performance and sustained power thanks to our latest combination of battery and motor technologies, so it can keep going as long as you can.

Universal Battery System – With casings that can withstand real-life tough treatment, all batteries can be changed quickly and used to power Honda’s new cordless range (batteries and chargers sold separately).

Sold with weight saving belt

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