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HAMM – HP 280i

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The HP series pneumatic tyre rollers offer impressive performance in earthwork and asphalt construction across the entire line. Drivers experience a spacious and comfortable driver’s platform, available as a panoramic cab or open version. An asymmetrical frame and the clever machine design also produce excellent visibility.

For pneumatic tyre rollers in the HP series, Hamm offers a flexible ballasting concept that can be used quickly and easily on construction sites. Two large ballast chambers between the wheel sets provide a foundation for ballasting. Here, pre-made ballast bodies made of steel, heavy concrete or concrete can be inserted or removed using a fork lift truck, for example. The different ballasting variants therefore allow for a high degree of flexibility when selecting the wheel load, which, alongside the inner tyre pressure and roller speed, is the key to compaction force and depth.



Modern construction machines feature a number of functions and are designed for optimum efficiency. Even more essential for success is simple, intuitive operation – this guarantees short training times and incredibly high productivity in every construction project. With Easy Drive, HAMM has therefore developed a standardised operating concept that reduces complexity to a minimum and enables operators to react quickly and correctly in no time at all.

In addition to Easy Drive, Hamm have also introduced Hammtronic. Hammtronic is an electronic machine management system that monitors and controls all key machine functions such as automatic adjustment of the diesel engine speed to meet the power requirements of the individual drives. Hammtronic supports the operator in their day-to-day construction work in order to achieve optimum compaction without compromising on safety, cost-efficiency and fuel savings.



Hamm Compaction Quality (HCQ) comprises a number of Hamm products designed to measure, monitor, document and control compaction and compaction processes. This includes the Hamm Compaction Meter, the Hamm Temperature Meter and the HCQ Navigator. These components continue to determine the rigidity value, the asphalt temperature and the position of the roller throughout compaction. A panel PC (touchscreen) on the driver’s platform then visualises the entire data package in the form of a real-time “compaction map” and shows the roller operator where has already been sufficiently compacted and where further passes are required. The WITOS HCQ Navigator process module also allows you to follow the construction site progress worldwide in real-time.



HP 280i (9505 kg)

The HP 280i pneumatic tyre roller features a working width of 1830 mm. Other features include an operating weight of 9505 kg, pressure water sprinkling with interval switch and a high compaction and surface quality thanks to even weight distribution and tyre overlap of the front and rear wheel pairs. Its powerful 4 cylinder diesel engine which meets the EU Stage V/EPA Tier 4 emissions category.

Its compact dimensions give an excellent view of the tyres, the machine and construction site

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