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Ferris – SRS Z1

Optimising operator comfort and increasing productivity.


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The Soft Ride Stand-on SRS™ Z1 is raising the bar with Ferris’ patent pending adjustable operator platform, featuring suspension technology, optimising operator comfort and increasing  productivity! The superior balance provides stability and manoeuvrability that exceeds expectations for traction and handling.

The Soft Ride Stand-on SRS™ Z1 is designed to allow for quick operator exit and re-entry. Need to walk away from the mower to move an obstacle or debris? The PTO will automatically disengage when the operator leaves the platform. Restarting the blades is just as easy. When the operator steps back onto the platform and re engages the PTO switch they can continue mowing.


Features include:

– 36″ OR 48″ Cutting width available

– Cutting height (cm) – 4.4-11.4

– Rear discharge/mulching insert and mulching blades

– The patent pending suspension platform system is adjustable for a large range of weights and operating conditions, optimizing operator comfort and increasing productivity

– The easy locking 3-position speed control setting is conveniently located and requires no tools to facilitate smooth operation in a wide range of conditions

– Height of cut is easily changed from the operator compartment for no hassle curb climbing and trailer loading

– Commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400® Transaxles are designed for high performance and are fully serviceable

– Generous 23 litres fuel tank is centrally located for consistent balance, and the fuel filler neck is conveniently located on the side for easy filling

– Ergonomically designed thigh pad provides superior operator comfort, especially on uneven terrain

– The iCD™ Cutting System allows better airflow, superior cut quality and complements the innovation of the Ferris line. (Available on the SRSZ1KAV2248RDCE)


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