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Cub Cadet – XR2 Series



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The two XR2 models are the perfect place to start in the mid robotic mower range, ideal for lawns up to 2,000m²As well as edge mode that ensures that every edge is mowed, meaning you don’t need a lawn edge cutter or strimmer, these models have a floating mowing deck to handle challenging terrain with incredible accuracy. The heavy duty patented steel blades will mow over twigs and small branches with ease. And thanks to the specially designed spiked wheels, the XR2 models manoeuvre extremely well and safely – even on wet grass.

The strong, floating, self cleaning deck handles challenging terrain with incredible accuracy, mows up to 10% faster than similar models and produces clippings fine enough to mulch into your soil which act as a natural fertiliser – resulting in  a better-looking lawn, improved performance and reduced maintenance.

Utilising state-of-the-art technology you’ll have complete control of your robot using your smart phone or home computer to view reports and change your mowing schedules. As well as being Alex compatible the robots have pin code security, Bluetooth remote control and GPS so you can track your robot (available on certain models).

Cub Cadet XR robots cut right up to the edge, the patented blades cut beyond the wheelbase so there is no need for a lawn edge cutter or strimmer.

Finally RoboZone is a battery or mains signal transmitter which means that your robotic mower can be used in another garden or hard to reach areas where there is no mains power without having to buy a second charging station.


Choose between the XR2 1000 (Ideal for lawns up to 1000m²)

and the XR2 2000 (Ideal for lawns up to 2000m²)



Features include:

Roboconnect – Allows you to access the online portal features. Our XR2 2000 model also comes with a GPS feature to locate the mower when necessary

External charging station – Unlike a conventional charging station, our charging station does not have to be directly on the lawn, it can also be installed next to it

Robohome (included with XR2 2000) – A garage for your XR2: Installed above the charging station, the device keeps the mower clean and protects it from rain and direct sunlight

Robogrips (included with XR2 2000) – Improved traction and added grip on inclines and slippery surfaces

High performance motor – 200 Watt ensures top-level performance and extremely efficient mowing. The XR2 2000 even features a brushless and therefore practically wear-free, motor

Turbo mode – Turns on automatically the first time you use your mower to mow long grass faster and switches off instantly for shorter grass. Can also be set manually

Long battery life – With twice as many charging cycles as conventional Li-Ion batteries, the LiFePO4 high-capacity battery doubles battery life for longer hassle-free mowing

Maximum manoeuvrability – A single front wheel ensures great manoeuvrability, especially whilst mowing the edge of the lawn

BLE (Bluetooth low-energy) remote control – Allows the XR2 to be controlled conveniently from a distance, within Bluetooth® range, and is available as an accessory


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