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Cub Cadet – XR1 500



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The new Cub Cadet XR1 500 robotic mower is ideal for anyone owning a smaller lawn of up to 500 m2 and looking for a compact yet high-performance mower. Driven by a 12V/8.8 Ah lithium-ion battery and a 100-watt motor, its the most powerful entry level machine on the market, meaning a better cut in all conditions. The optimised mowing and drive motors combined with the sure-grip spiked wheels achieve a high area performance. Only 3 hours of mowing are required per day for 500 m2 of lawn. Which means the lawn is available to you 21 hours a day.

The strong, floating, self cleaning deck handles challenging terrain with incredible accuracy, mows up to 10% faster than similar models and produces clippings fine enough to mulch into your soil which act as a natural fertiliser – resulting in  a better-looking lawn, improved performance and reduced maintenance.

Utilising state-of-the-art technology you’ll have complete control of your robot using your smart phone or home computer to view reports and change your mowing schedules. As well as being Alex compatible the robots have pin code security, Bluetooth remote control and GPS so you can track your robot (available on certain models).

Cub Cadet XR robots cut right up to the edge, the patented blades cut beyond the wheelbase so there is no need for a lawn edge cutter or strimmer.

Finally RoboZone is a battery or mains signal transmitter which means that your robotic mower can be used in another garden or hard to reach areas where there is no mains power without having to buy a second charging station.



Features include:

Reliable motor – With the extremely sturdy and powerful 100-watt output motor; you can look forward to a long service life with minimal maintenance when you buy a Cub Cadet robotic mower

External charging station – Place the base station near the edge of the lawn area to be mowed so that you can use the entire area as soon as your mowing robot is finished

Robohome – A mini garage for your XR1 500: Installed above the charging station, the robohome device keeps the mower clean and protects it from rain and direct sunlight

Roboconnect – Allows the XR1 to be controlled and programmed via the Internet

Floating mulching deck – This ensures the XR1 500 manages any terrain and mows with extreme precision

Mulch cleaner – Our unique patented mulch cleaner independently cleans the mowing deck by automatically cleaning the clippings out of the mowing deck while mowing, improving performance and reducing maintenance

Specially designed spike wheels – A strong grip that provides better manoeuvrability even on wet grass and borders

Metal ski – Ski-type metal running surfaces deliver maximum manoeuvrability, providing easy mowing even in the tightest of spaces

12V/8.8 Ah Li-Ion battery – The XR1 500 is powered by a modern lithium-ion battery and mows for 3 hours without recharging. This means you can spend more time enjoying your garden


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