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AS Motor – AS 920 Sherpa 2WD

Fast and agile ride-on mower with limited slip differential for moderate inclines


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The AS 920 Sherpa 2WD boasts work rates reaching 9,450 m² per hour, thanks to its 90 cm cutting width and a high-power Briggs & Stratton 2-cylinder engine with 724 ccm displacement and up to 27 hp. The closed, surfing mower deck gives way upward which protects both the blade and the turf, as the blade will not come into contact with the ground. Moreover, the shape of the mower deck allows flush, close-to-the-edge mowing. The AS 920 Sherpa 2WD has a turning radius of just 65 cm.The AS 920 Sherpa 2WD’s cross-blade system delivers impressive mulching results in grass and dense growth up to 1.3 meters high. Bearing-supported blades cut the grass while a mulching blade positioned above them shreds the cuttings, which are then deposited between the wheels for added safety on slopes and wet grass. Cutting heights can be adjusted to 5 levels from 35–135 cm with an optional mulch kit available for even finer mulching results.

Convenient drive operation with added safety –

Hydrostatic transmission allows the precise adaptation of speed to match the terrain, reaching 10.5 km/h and 8.2 km/h in reverse. Just one lever controls the drive, brake and parking functions for easy operation, while limited slip differential can be activated for excellent propulsion and traction when needed.

Comfort meets stability –

With a highly stable tubular frame, the AS 920 Sherpa 2WD performs even under harsh conditions. Operators up to 2 meters tall can operate the machine comfortably thanks to a length-adjustable seat and seat spring package. A low centre of gravity, folding rollover bar and branch deflectors are added safety features, while lashing points integrated in the frame enable secure transport.

Designed for continuous operation –

Two separate ventilation circuits for the engine and hydrostatic transmission prevent overheating: the engine takes in air from above and discharges it to the side, while the hydrostatic transmission takes air from the rear and discharges it downward. This system ensures a long service life.


Features include:

– 27 hp 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton engine

– Cutting width – 90cm

– Cutting height – 50-105mm

– Small Turning Radius with High Ground Coverage – The turning radius of just 65 cm enables agile driving behavior, even on difficult terrain

– Strong Engine – Equipped with oil and fuel pump, oil pressure switch and air cooling system to protect the assembly even under tough conditions

– The AS 920 Sherpa 2WD mows and mulches thick and high grass with undergrowth up to 1.5 m height

– Excellent Driving Comfort and Ergonomic Sitting Position – The variably adjustable driver seat with an innovative suspension system, as well as ergonomic sitting position, enables persons to work comfortably over an extended period of time

– Surfing Mower Deck – Closed mower deck featuring the AS cross-blade system, the main blade cuts while the cross-blade chops the cuttings. To protect against damage, the surfing mower deck gives way upward on uneven terrain.

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